10 Years in Germany!

Milestones are important as they offer an opportunity for me to look back and reflect.

I can remember arriving in Germany at the end of 2008. I’d been backpacking around Asia, India and Europe over the previous 10 months and showed up in Berlin with a beat-up guitar, a worn out backpack, very basic German, pretty much zero money and without any real plans of how long I was going to stay – maybe 6 months, maybe a year or two? But there is no way in hell I thought I’d still be here a decade later.

People often ask me, how I could leave sunny Australia and move to heatless Hamburg. The answer has many aspects to it, but I guess in short, a city is much more than its weather. It’s really the people that have kept me here and have helped to make Hamburg feel like home.

I won’t deny that as a foreigner, Germany can sometimes be a challenging country to live in. But giving myself challenges has opened many other doors in my life that I never would have gone through, had I never got out of my comfort zone.  

Liebe Hamburgerinnen, Lieber Hamburger, thanks for putting up with me for the last 10 years. Ihr seid die besten! If you’re in the mood for celebrating, we would love to see you down at Knust this Wednesday for the last show of the 10 Years in Germany Tour.

Alles liebe,

JHT Live at MJF18 (c) Mathyas Kurmann

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