Back home….in Hamburg

The definition of home is a funny thing. Is it where you grew up or where you are currently living? It is where you were born or where you feel most culturally comfortable? For me, each question has a different answer and which makes “home” difficult to define.

I guess it’s different for everybody but after being away on tour for the last couple of weeks, driving back into Hamburg yesterday I had similar feelings that I have each time I go back to Melbourne. First sign that I’m becoming a Hamburger? :/

The tour was great and the response to the EP (live and on CD) has been amazing so far. Thanks to everyone who made it along to a show. Big up to Alex Klauck and Max Grösswang for coming on the road with me, it was lots of fun…. Look forward to the shows coming up soon and of course the release party in Hamburg at Prinzenbar on 27/5!




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