Back to the roots!

My first breath on planet earth was taken in Vaiola hospital in Nuku’alofa on the Polynesian island of Tonga, smack bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Not in West Africa as many Europeans have asked me over the past few years. Though funnily enough, I met a songwriter from Togo in Copenhagen last year and he told me people often thought he was a Pacific Islander, interestingly it seems to work both ways.

We lived in Tonga for a couple of years before moving, first to New Zealand and then to Australia and apart from a brief visit back in 1990 to see my sick grandmother, I haven’t been back —-> until now. Tonight my sister and I will be flying to the friendly islands for a quick 8 day trip before I head back to Hamburg via Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, China and France on a 3 day, 7 flight mission!

It’s a strange feeling to identify so strongly with a place that you haven’t seen for 26 years, so whilst being very excited about the trip, I’m also a little anxious about the unknown. The Tongan culture is very much a part of me and has influenced everything including my music and writing. The question is, how much more can I rediscover? It’s like those Moai stone statues on Easter Island, my roots have been buried due to years of erosion and now its time to start digging!

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