City Boy | Official Music Video

We are very proud to present the new music video for “City Boy”, filmed and directed by the very talented Tini Lazar.

This song was inspired by my first trip to the states in 2014, which led me to finding out more about the topic of private prisons.

It still amazes me that something like this is even legal. Companies and shareholders are literally profiting from imprisoning people, with a disproportionate number coming from minority groups. This system is essentially a form of modern-day slavery.

There are also countless conflicts of interest which arise from such a system. According to a report from Prison Legal News, two-thirds of prison contracts include some form of “lock-up” quota, where prison programs guarantee a minimum of beds filled. In other words, private prisons demand crime, which the states must supply. That’s right, with multi-million dollars contracts on the line, business sectors reliant on the prison-system will, demand crime!

Not to mention, it’s been shown that prisoners in these facilities endure a higher level of violence, worse food, and second-class medical care, due to cost cutting measures.

Prison privatisation now exists in at least 11 countries. However, it is most concentrated in a handful of predominantly English-speaking countries, including the U.K., New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and of course the United States.

There are over 150,000 prisoners in private institutions in the States, whilst almost 20% of Australia’s prison population are inmates in private prisons. As old mate Marvin so eloquently said, this really make me wanna holler.

“City Boy” tells the all too common story of a young man from the inner city, who ends up caught in the system.

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