Crowdfunding and crowdsurfing

As you might have already noticed, a few weeks ago I started a crowdfunding campaign with my band, the Joel Havea Trio (JHT). We are currently in the process of recording an album (the first as the JHT) and since we are doing everything independently, it was an obvious choice to turn to crowdfunding to finance the record. We chose the German site:, due to its English and Deutsch functionality.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, check out our campaign here (in english) and here (in german).

We had an incredible start, which was super exciting and we are heading into the final 7 days with around €5k still needed to make our goal. Given the concept of crowdfunding (you make the goal or you get nothing) it’s certainly heading into sleepless night territory.

Personally, it’s been an interesting experience setting up this whole campaign. First of all, it has been a shit ton of work and it’s also my first attempt doing something like this, so naturally there was an amount of uncertainty about the whole thing.

The process feels to me something like crowd surfing (which I haven’t done since the I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in Melbourne at the Glasshouse in 2000!). You might have watched people do it successfully before, but until you try it yourself and feel the support from people underneath, you aren’t sure whether or not you are going to fall flat on your face.

Thanks to all the backers for the ride so far, we are still flying high and there’s a great chance we’ll still be up there at the end of next week! Exciting times ahead 🙂

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