English summer solo tour

Pic "Hamburgs Lautsprecher"

Pic: “Hamburgs Lautsprecher”

I’m heading over to the mother county today to play a bunch of solo shows including some caffeine powered strumming at a few Caffe Nero stores around the north, dates and times are below:

Friday 3/7 – London Folkfest, London – showtime 9:45pm
Saturday 4/7 – Heathrow Terminal 2, London – 10:30am
Monday 6/7 – Caffe Nero: Liverpool Myrtle, Liverpool – 3pm
Monday 6/7 – Liverpool Acoustic, Liverpool – 8pm
Tuesday 7/7 – Caffe Nero: Bradford, Bradford – 3pm
Tuesday 7/7 – Acoustic North, Bradford – 8:30pm
Thursday 9/7 – Caffe Nero: Leeds Park Row, Leeds – 3pm
Thursday 9/7 – Live at Verve, Leeds – 8:30pm

Its always great fun playing in England and hanging out with the poms, janarta meen? I always say that the UK is just like Australia with bad weather, but at the moment the forecast looks more like home! Bring it on ☀

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