Going for gold….

My aussie summer 2016 tour is nearing the halfway point, have played some very cool shows so far┬ábut it’s also been great just being able to catch up with old friends and family along the way… I might not have lived here for almost a decade, but I still call ‘straya home, as Peter Allen put it:

This week I am heading out to gold country in Western Victoria to try my luck, show times are around 8pm and details are below:

– Wednesday 24/2, Ararat Live, Ararat
– Thursday 25/2, Babushka Lounge, Ballarat w/ David Grimson
– Friday 26/2, The Golden Vine, Bendigo w/ Liam Thorpe
– Saturday 27/2, Saints and Sailors, Portarlington w/ Bradlee Jay

Hope to see you crazy cats out there!

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