One Hand Clapping – Out Now!

One Hand Clapping will be released this Friday!

I had so much fun working on this project so thought I’d just share with you how it all came to be.

Last year in mid-April, as I was on tour for “Setting Sail”, I got an email from the Australian author Cam Jefferys. We met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago and as we’re both aussies living in Hamburg (and support the same footy team!) we’ve been known to shoot the shit for many hours over an Apfelschorle or two.

I just dug out the initial email from Cam who wrote “…I’ve been working for the last two years on a book (“Rowan & Eris”) that will be more than just a novel… The main character is a musician who, through the course of the book, writes and records a CD, which I foresee being an accompanying soundtrack to the book; the story informs the music and the music informs the story”. 

Needless to say I was intrigued! Cam went on to ask if I would be interested in writing and recording the songs for the book’s “Soundtrack”. I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work, but after meeting a few weeks later and brainstorming a few ideas, I sat down to give it a shot.

I found the process to be very challenging. Generally when I compose songs, I start with a blank sheet of paper where ideas can go anywhere. This time however, I had to base the song around specific things mentioned in the story, such as a song title, chord progressions or just a description of a rhythm. Sometimes this actually made it easy to get the process going, but for some songs (like the single “Brand New Start”) I found these points very restrictive and I needed 3-4 attempts until I found something that worked.

The plus side about writing in character as Rowan Davidson, was that I felt a certain amount of freedom to try new things, initially when composing the songs and then afterwards the studio with Leo Lazar, who recorded and produced the album with me at 106hz Studios in Hamburg. It gave us the opportunity to use different instruments and unorthodox recording techniques, which made the sessions really dynamic and fun. For the final versions, as we were short on time, we actually recorded everything in an intense 4 day caffeine-fuelled marathon!

As a songwriter, it was awesome experience to be involved in this project – thanks Cam 🙂

At the end of the day, I think the album is a great addition to the book and as the author himself said “…the story informs the music and the music informs the story…” Hopefully whilst reading, people will stop and listen to the songs as they appear on the page – just remember to close your eyes and picture a tall lanky redhead! 

Have a listen to the single “Brand New Start” below, order the book “Rowan & Eris” on Amazon and pre-order a copy “One Hand Clapping” here.

Brand New Start

A book with a soundtrack you ask? Look no further! 📚 🎼"Brand New Start" is out today. It's the first single from "One Hand Clapping" a soundtrack to the new book "Rowan and Eris" by Campbell Jefferys, which I wrote in character as Rowan Davidson. Also available on iTunes and Spotify, check the link:

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