One Hand Clapping / Rowan & Eris

This year I have been involved in an ambitious and exciting project in collaboration with the Hamburg based, Australian author, Campbell Jefferys. His latest book Rowan and Eris, tells the story of Rowan Davidson, a songwriter from Perth, Australia. It’s a road trip novel, starting in Perth and traversing America, Canada and Europe following the protagonist on the search for his daughter. During his journey, he finds himself and the inspiration for a number of songs.

Together with the publication, comes a seven-track soundtrack of original music recorded especially for the book, which was written and composed by me! I wrote the music in character, as Rowan Davidson, bringing the songs described and mentioned in the book to life.

Creatively, this project was quite challenging and a great exercise for my songwriting. I’m very happy with the end result and look forward to sharing it with you all! Big props to Leo Lazar from 106Hz Studios in Hamburg, for all his hard work with me in the studio.

The book and album “One Hand Clapping” are due for release in Feb 2018. Read more about Cam here or alternatively visit Ripple Media, stay tuned!

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