Setting Sail Tour Wrap

Back chilling in Hamburg after setting sail with the JHT across Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Luxembourg over the last month…. It was the very first tour with Leo & Arnie, but certainly not the last! As they say, all good things must come to an end, and after driving almost 7000km, we were all very happy to be sleeping in our own beds last night.

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who came down to a show! We had some amazing audiences on this tour. Highlights were probably the concerts in Sylt, Klagenfurt, Luxembourg and Winterthur but every show had its share of special moments and playing everyday for a month really helped to further develop the songs and our sound as a band.

Thanks also to Fritz Kola, Boomerang Reisen, Rockcity HH and VEVO for their support and ROLA Music for the booking & promo in Austria plus Claudia Knittel & Gaby Mularczyk for promo in Germany.

I’ll be playing a bunch of solo shows next month up north in Norway and Estonia and certainly will miss the boys on stage…. But the JHT will be back soon at the Ahrensburger Musiknacht on Saturday 20/5!

Finally if you didn’t manage to see us live, don’t worry… You can just buy our album now and listen from the comfort of your own home 😉

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