The War Of Art

I like reading books about creativity. Everyone has their own process and I find it fascinating to learn about how others go about it.

Steven Pressfield wrote a very interesting book called “the war of art”, in which he talks about how to win the battle with resistance, one of the biggest enemies to creativity. I certainly hear ya Steve!

There are many obstacles in place when recording an album.

As we reach the end of October, it marks a year since we started recorded the new Joel Havea Trio album, “Setting Sail”.

A big challenge over such a long process, is how to remain focused and not get sick of the songs, before they are even released! Thankfully I’m not there yet but it still does amaze me how much work goes into recording 60 minutes of music.

In today’s hyper-fast world where we all seem to have 30 second attention spans, I sometimes wonder whats the point in worrying about such seemingly small details, like the volume of the bass in the second half of the bridge, or the amount of reverb on the backing vocals, or the unwanted buzz from a dead note on my guitar.

But maybe thats just resistance talking.

The battle continues….


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