Tough week for music


It’s been a rough week for all music lovers worldwide and it seems like the entire music industry is going through a period of collective grief. There have been some very moving blogs and video tributes online, e.g. from Questlove and Tom Moon and this heart-wrenching version of “Sometimes it rains in April” by D’Angelo.

I was too young to listen to Prince’s earlier albums, but grew up watching rage and video hits around the time that Diamonds and Pearl’s was released, which is an album I still listen to today and for me is probably the quintessential Prince record.

I think it’s important to note that whether they are aware of it or not, every songwriter, singer, musician and performer in the pop world owes something to him. It’s simple musicology. The beautiful thing about music is that that his influence and legacy will live on through his songs and the next generation of artists inspired by his work, or in his own words:
Keep that party movin’ – Just like I told you – Kick the old school joint – For the true funk soldiers
Rest in peace purple one!

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